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Learn about my awesome real estate services in Boulder, Colorado. Here’s what my clients have to say about me:

“His thoroughness is amazing…We couldn’t have been in better hands as we found our new home.” -Jeffry B.
“He gave great insight in what details to really focus on … in the end we were able to get a great price” -Brandon G.

If you are ready for your initial consultation, give me a call or text:  720-352-5633 or click here to email me – if you need to know more, please keep reading!

When considering a real estate agent you want someone who will work relentlessly toward your goals and best interests, someone with rock solid integrity and the person with the experience, know how and willpower to get it done right.

I Will Provide You With Extremely High Value:

  • Expert Negotiating Skills
  • 20+ Years of Contract Negotiating Experience
  • 20+ Years of Business Case Analysis
  • 20+ Years of Marketing Experience
  • Risk Analysis Experience
  • Due-Diligence Focus
  • Expert Level Data Analysis
  • Extensive Experience with Wide Range of Property Type and Age
  • Proactive Problem Solving
  • Laser Focus: I only accept 4 active real estate clients at any point.
  • Clear and Consistent Communication

Not Your Typical Real Estate Agent

I came to real estate through a successful career in business. After 2 decades of founding companies and shepherding them to success I found myself with the means to start investing. After careful consideration I settled on real estate as one of my primary investment vehicles (as an aside, I don’t recommend real estate investment to your average investor, it requires patience, discipline and at least a moderate appetite for risk). I considered using an agent when I got started but I quickly decided that I really wanted to be in on the details of each transaction & I didn’t like the glib explanations I was getting of the many intricacies in each transaction. So I got my real estate license.

Based on my business experience and personal engagement with real estate investment, I consider real estate a little differently than others. I believe it is important to think creatively about transactions and problem solving. I know that understanding (to the degree possible) the potential upside and the downside risks of a transaction is key to making the best decision and being satisfied with the outcome.

I also know from many years of experience that persistence is an important part of success.  This is true when it comes to deal making, marketing, financing, due diligence, negotiating and every other part of a successful real estate transaction. Your goals, whether you are a buyer or seller, are best served by unwavering focus.

That said, while fidelity to a strategy and plan is a cornerstone of success, flexibility and open mindedness can play an important role in finding the right deal. I have found that sometimes, perhaps even most times, success is discovered while considering all of the available alternatives to the current path. Assessment of strategic alignment and ultimately changing or modifying a deal or a goal often results in creating a successful transaction where none was previously available.

I know that sometimes great patience and discipline are required to find just the right home or just the right transaction partner. Other situations require immediate and aggressive action to win the day.

My approach in serving  you, my client, is to work undeterred towards your goals, harnessing all of my skills and experience to promote your objective at every turn and providing a clear and honest assessment of risk and potential outcomes for every decision point we encounter.

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